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“Susan Day skilfully conveys the many and complex manifestations of grief; how it affects people so differently, how pervasive and long-lasting its reach really is. “
August 2020
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“A superbly tangled web is spun by Susan Day”
The Newsroom
December 2018
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“will stay with the reader long after they finish the final page.”
Jon Cooper
November 2017
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As deaths mount during the coronavirus pandemic a retired history teacher reflects on the much greater personal impact of the death of her sister 12 years before. Through the lens of lockdown, Pam Dearly looks back on her and her sister Pauline’s childhood, and how their family was affected by the Canvey Island flood of 1953. When they both settle in Sheffield they begin to lead very different lives, Pauline outgoing and socialble, Pam reserved and insular.

A beautifully written, compelling read which had me hooked until the final line. Lucie Brownlee, author of ‘Life After You’ Like its characters, this book has an unassuming style, which masks great depth, emotion and insight. It’s an interesting read for all those who, until the pandemic, thought they ‘had the right to safety and plenty and freedom’.

Janet Rees, Agglestone Rock Book Group




Joan Jones leads a quiet and orderly life until she receives a postcard from an old boyfriend.

Viv feels on top of things until she becomes intrigued by the new member of her choir.

Bill is hoping for someone to love.

Road trips, crises and confusion ensue.

An enjoyable romp through some ordinary yet extraordinary lives. Full of all too believable characters whose inept communications result in missed meetings, long car journeys, petty rows and tricky situations. A look at human life which reflects both its amusing and poignant aspects.

Tilly Northedge, Bosham Book Group, Sussex

Who Your Friends Are



Plain Pat and Lovely Rita – childhood best friends who shared lives and confidences through the 1950s and 60s.As the two followed different paths through the 70’s, they grew apart, but Pat always stayed loyal to their friendship.

Now, years later, Pat finds herself with time on her hands, and begins to look back on her relationship with Rita and her sisters, at the same time as she has a crisis in her own life and problems in her grown up family.

A deceptively simple story that makes you think about relationships, self-deceit and how we fail to spot the obvious.Susan Day’s understated style beautifully captures the limitations, the possibilities and excitement – and the music – of Britain in the post-war years.

The Roads They Travelled



It is 1941. Four young girls come together on a summer day for a bike ride into the country that will bind them together for the rest of their lives. And there is another girl – Marcie – marginal to the group, she is not included in the expedition, but throughout their lives the mystery of Marcie cannot be resolved or forgotten.

More than seventy years later they are still in touch, observed and chronicled by Sadie’s daughter, and still thinking of Marcie, trying to come to terms with the tragedy that has been a constant in their lives.

‘The Roads They Travelled’ is a story of the power of our early friendships to endure in spite of distance and distractions and differences. It is a story of resilience in the face of sorrow and loss, and of the strength that small kindnesses can offer.

If you have read ‘Who Your Friends Are’ you will recognise some of the characters in The Roads They Travelled.

Hollin Clough



There are families that would fall apart if the truth came out.

Jen admires her father and Frank believes that his daughters are happy, but no one in any family knows the whole story.

This family has fractured before, and been patched up by secrets and evasions.

Now things are about to change.

The more I read, the more I enjoyed it. A real page-turner – well-written and believable.A book that makes you think. The characters are very convincingly drawn and deftly written.


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Welcome to my website You will find details of my books, information about the publishers and suppliers, a bit of background about me, as well as brief extracts from my books and a chance to get in touch with questions, comments or feedback. I hope you enjoy browsing the site and that you will buy my books and enjoy reading them.

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